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Camper Trailers in West Gosford

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Total Camping Convenience

Are you fond of camping in rugged places like the Australian Outback? You should order a custom camper trailer from Real Engineering in West Gosford. Our experienced team builds sturdy camper trailers that adequately meet your needs in extreme environments. These also have independent suspension, which guarantees full towing stability on uneven roads. With our camper trailers, an otherwise tough camping trip can become a more convenient and enjoyable experience for you.

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Here are just some of the customisations we can perform:

Tent Size

We can adjust your camper trailer’s tent size so it can take in multiple people, allowing you and your fellow campers to sleep more comfortably in your campsite. You don’t have to squeeze yourselves into small, tight tents or sleep on sleeping bags laid out on the ground anymore.

Storage Space

If you camp with a lot of gear, we will expand your camper trailer’s carrying capacity. You can bring along with you as many pieces of equipment as required, including cooking sets, sporting goods, communications devices, hunting weapons, boats and motorcycles. Even if you set up camp in a distant location, you will still have fun and peace of mind because all of your supplies are within reach.

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Our wide array of accessories makes your camper trailer more functional. Do you want to cook fresh and delicious meals in your campsite? We will have a freezer and a stove installed in your trailer for easier food storage and preparation. If your camping trips tend to last for several days or weeks, we have accessories such as power storage devices, water tanks, heating systems, rear drawers and utility shelves that keep your camper trailer fully operational for long periods of time.

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