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Dual-cab ute trays in West Gosford

real engineering

Convenient Storage

A dual-cab ute can seat five passengers, but having a large seating capacity reduces its rear storage capability. The skilled team at Real Engineering in West Gosford builds superb custom trays that greatly increase your vehicle’s back storage space. We also construct various accessories that make it easier for you to store and retrieve items from your tray.

Custom Built Ute Tray Dual Cab | Real Engineering Gosford

Suits Different Models

Our high quality dual-cab trays come in different sizes. Regardless of your vehicle’s make or model, we can build a longer and wider tray that is totally compatible with its specifications. You will gain additional storage space, leaving the front and back seats solely for passengers!

Do you already have a specific tray size in mind? Our knowledgeable staff will thoroughly discuss the factors you should consider before getting your new tray done, such as your vehicle’s overall length and height. We guarantee you won’t waste money on an ill-fitting tray that probably requires further alterations for it to be useable.

Easy Loading and Access

We have a wide range of accessories that enable you to effortlessly load and unload your bigger tray. You simply have to lift the side or rear opening of our two and three-door canopies to get something from your tray instead of climbing onto it. Our water tank and spare wheel holders can be installed under your tray, granting you ready access to these during emergencies. If your engine overheats or your tyre gets punctured, you won’t end up rummaging through your tray just to obtain water or a fresh tyre.

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