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Single-cab ute trays in West Gosford

real engineering

Better Efficiency

Are you using a single cab for work? The expert team at Real Engineering in West Gosford can help increase your vehicle’s efficiency. From trays to accessories, we create custom solutions that let your ute move things securely while maintaining roadworthiness.

Custom Built Ute Tray Single | Real Engineering Gosford

Save Money

We can make your tray out of aluminium, a metal that is as strong as steel but not as heavy. Using it helps you avoid potentially costly damages and repairs to your single cab as a result of overloading. Our aluminium trays are also rust proof, so you won’t have to spend on anti-corrosion treatments.

Transport Items Safely

If your job requires you to safely carry equipment or products, we will have a canopy and sideboards installed on your tray. Our canopies sufficiently safeguard your load against the elements and theft—a must if your freight happens to be perishable items like raw and cooked food or valuables such as machinery, furniture, home appliances and computers.

With our sideboards, you prevent your cargo from falling off your ute while you are driving. For added safety, you can tie down your load to our sideboards’ rope rails. If your single cab already has a tray, we will have a canopy and sideboards retrofitted to it.

Custom Built Ute Tray Storage| Real Engineering Gosford

Several Storage Options

We provide several accessories that considerably enhance your tray’s storage capacity. If you work in construction, our canopy rack allows you to haul ladders, pipes or long lumber on the top of your ute, freeing up your tray space for cement bags and other building materials and gear. You can also store small tools in our undertray toolbox and rear trundle drawer to avoid misplacing them or having them stolen.

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