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Real Engineering

real engineering

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Real Engineering is a diverse manufacturing workshop in West Gosford. Real Engineering performs Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Machining, welding and fabrication.

Our experienced team meticulously designs and constructs trays for single-cab, dual-cab and space-cab utes. We provide you a tray that perfectly suits your vehicle.

Using high quality metals and a wide variety of fabrication techniques, we skillfully construct metal components of your tray or trailer according to your custom specifications.

Our CNC machines accurately produce complex metal pieces within short time frames, preventing errors and delays that can affect the quality and timeliness of your order.

We specialise in heavy-duty custom off-road trailers. From design to accessories, we ensure that your trailer meets your transport needs and carries your load safely and securely.

Our expert team builds custom trays and trailers that meet your specific requirements. We also carry out mobile tray and trailer

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Along with our Fabrication area we can complete all types of jobs from CNC machining parts to Welding/fabrication to complete your job.

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