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Space-cab trays in West Gosford

real engineering

Greater Versatility

A space cab can accommodate more people and items than single and dual cabs, rendering it ideal for both business and leisure. Real Engineering in West Gosford creates custom trays and accessories that expand your vehicle’s range of uses. With our products, you can use your ute to efficiently deliver goods across town and go camping with your family or friends.

Custom Built Ute Tray Single | Real Engineering Gosford

Carries Huge Loads

Our sturdy trays enable your space cab to transfer large hauls from one place to another in a single trip. You save time and money by carrying heavy machinery, tents, boats, bicycles, motorcycles and animals without renting additional transport and damaging your ute. Your productivity also increases because you make more transfers within a short period of time.

Multitasking Accessories

Our accessories enhance the versatility of your space cab. With our two and three-door canopies, your ute can transform into a mobile workshop and even double as a makeshift tent. All you have to do is clear your vehicle’s tray of tools and equipment, put a mattress or sleeping bag on it and you will have your own camping shelter. Do you need a canopy only on particular days? Our slide-off canopy is removableyou can leave it at home when you’re not using it to free up your space cab for other activities.

Ute Ladder Rack — Real Engineering In West Gosford, NSW

You can use our rear ladder rack

To store your ladder on top of your ute while driving to and from your worksite, or just to bring your surfboard or kayak to the beach. Our rear trundle drawer carries not only your small work tools but also your vacation essentials such as a first aid kit and inflatable life vests.

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