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Value for Money

If you need a comfortable but economical transport solution, turn to the expert team of Real Engineering in West Gosford. We build heavy duty, custom off-road trailers that meet your specific requirements and budget.

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Useful and Affordable

When we customise your trailer, you won’t run the risk of overspending just to have a trailer that sufficiently fulfills your requirements. We incorporate a range of trailer features that are affordable and suit your needs. If you are going to use your trailer for solo travelling, we build you one that contains a bed, stove, sink and tiny shower. You can always have your trailer upgraded if you need additional facilities later on.

Independent Suspension

We equip our trailers with independent suspension, a vehicle suspension system in which each wheel has its own suspension instead of being connected to a single solid axle. This enables our trailers to travel smoothly and safely over rough roads despite bearing heavy loads. Independent suspension also limits wear and tear on your trailer, preventing potentially serious damages to it and extending its lifespan. You can be sure that your trailer will work excellently for you no matter how bumpy the road you are travelling on is

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Compact and Universal

Our trailers are compatible with most vehicle makes and models and have the slide-on capability. You save time and money because your trailer doesn’t require extra equipment or alterations for it to properly fit your ute. If you are a tradie, our trailers’ slide-on ability adds a new level of convenience to your vehicle. You can mount your trailer on your ute when you need it and remove it when you have to use your vehicle for work.
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