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Real Engineering is a family owned and operated business, based in West Gosford and run by Central Coast local, Joel. Our competent team has more than 60 years combined experience in the trade.

Conveyor Rollers — CNC Machining in West Gosford, NSW

We take pride in producing superb ute trays

Trailers and accessories that are practical and have highly innovative and personalised designs. From conceptualisation to completion, our items are tailored to your specific requirements.

Our products are 100% Australian-made, rendering them fully suited to Australian conditions.

We are committed to excellent craftmanship and customer service. Our team uses choice metals and correct welding and fabrication techniques to ensure the quality of your item.

We perform
CNC machining

To avoid manufacturing mistakes that can ruin your product’s usefulness. For your added convenience, we adjust or fix your trailer or tray at your preferred time and place.

We have since grown into a warehouse that is twice as large as our present space, continuing to provide superb products and services to sustain our rise.

Contact us now for more information about any of our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the most commonly used welding methods?

The four most commonly used welding styles are gas metal arc (MIG), gas tungsten arc (TIG), shielded metal arc (stick) and flux-cored arc. These are all performed to ensure that your tray or trailer functions properly and has a presentable appearance.

What are the three main machining operations?

These operations are drilling, turning and milling. Drilling perforates metal using circular cylinders. Turning eliminates unwanted metal to make rotational parts. Milling shapes metal with a rotating cutter. These and other machining operations are used to efficiently generate your order’s components.

What is the metal fabrication process?

The metal fabrication process is the manual or automated fashioning of devices and other objects out of metal. It involves several procedures, including welding, machining, punching and casting. Using these methods, high quality metals are transformed into your desired tray or trailer.

Why should I avail of a ute tray?

A ute tray increases your ute’s storage capacity, making it easier for you to transfer more items in one go. Accessories such as a ladder rack, a tool box, a water tank, sideboards, canopies and drawers enhance your tray’s usefulness.

What makes steel sturdy?

Steel is an alloy or a combination of iron, carbon and several other elements, including manganese and silicone. Its composition makes it extremely durable and ideal for trays and trailers that allow your vehicle to carry heavy loads such as construction equipment, boats and animals.

What is the difference between an aluminium tray and a steel tray?

An aluminium tray is light, enabling your ute to carry small loads such as boxes and produce. If your ute bears heavier cargoes like furniture and motorcycles, a steel tray is the sturdier option for it.